2 Trends that Dominate the Luxury Home Interior Market

February 17, 2019

For many homeowners ready to update their home’s interior, the choices for a luxury makeover can be overwhelming. After all, luxury involves thinking beyond your needs and pampering yourself by catering to your wants, and ironically, figuring out what you want can often be more difficult than deciding what you need. The job can be made easier by looking at two trends currently dominating the luxury home interior market.

Luxury Master Bathrooms

With the exception of a brief European-inspired Bauhaus resurgence in the 1950s-60s, American bathrooms have traditionally tended to be stuffy, small, and cramped. The premise underlying this tendency was the assumption that Americans didn’t enjoy spending time bathing, and that the house’s space should be budgeted to maximize living areas. But current homeowners are beginning to rebel against this American architectural legacy, installing spa-level bathrooms prioritizing high ceilings, open shower plans, heated floors, and even steam engineered heating.

Everything but the Flying Cars

In the 1960’s everyone anticipated that by the turn of the 21st century we would eat our food in nutritional packets and that everyone would be helped into their flying car by their robotic butler. The flying cars haven’t become pervasive, but the current options for technological augmentation of your home’s interior come close to the Jetson-inspired dreams of the past. Luxury control systems now allow home owners to do everything from change the song on the sound system from the next room, to change the temperature in the house from across the country all using mobile technology. The most forward-thinking updates in home interiors are currently prototyping Internet of Things technology to produce amenities like fridges that know how to reorder food staples once depleted, or smart lights that keep your home from consuming unnecessary energy.


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