Creative Lakefront Property Home Design Ideas

June 2, 2019

If you have a house on a lake, what are some design ideas that you would apply to it to enhance its visual elegance?

Lakefront living is a symbolism of the American dream; whether a summer getaway or a full-time residence, there are many design ideas that are frequently considered to enhance to visual appeal of lakeside homes.

The interior design of lakefront homes often center around open and airy spaces, with a maximum emphasis placed on windows that allow for vast amounts of natural light as well as stunning views of the water that surrounds the homes. Frequently incorporated designs include very light colors and nautical themes, as well as flooring and walls that match the natural elements found in the nature outside of the home.

In addition to the interior design of lakeside homes, great consideration is often given to how the outside of these homes look as well. Frequently selecting plants that are native to the area have a very high survival rate and are less demanding with regard to maintenance. These native plants might be something that you want to consider as you focus on the design of your lakeside home…will you be using it primarily as a get-away or as a main house? If you are only able to use it during summer months, you may want to invest in shrubs and plants that are very low maintenance and allow you to spend more time enjoying your aquatic surroundings. If you’d like pops of color to your home that require minimal upkeep, consider using pots of flowers or window boxes.

The same consideration should go into the type of lawn design that you select for your home. When it comes to landscaping, perhaps you’d rather not have to maintain a yard at your get-away destination, and would rather opt for choices like sand, mulch, pathways and small garden areas created out of native plants and shrubs. Since the sound of the water is already incorporated into a lakefront home, you won’t need to worry about adding water features, ponds or flowing water to your yard or garden.

The exterior design of a lakefront property should also be given a good amount of thought as to how it will enhance both the home and the lifestyle of living there. Patios and decks are frequently a central design aspect found in homes on the lake, as they allow for relaxation, entertaining, and simply enjoying the view from an extension of your home. Popular colors for these types of patios and decks are often neutral tones that blend in harmony with the elements around the water and your home. Multi-tiered porches and decks are popular, as they allow for several outdoor areas where different groups of people, like adults and children can enjoy the porch, while also having space between them.