3 Ways to Design a Home With a Tropical Twist

May 28, 2017

While on vacation in a tropical area, people are often times impressed by the unique architecture and design of the resort they stay at or the homes they see from afar. Wanting to bring some of that vacation house back with you, even if you don’t live in a tropical area, may be just what you need in order to find your home as more of an everyday retreat.

Use Open Space. An open layout is going to be the general style that you will see inside of a tropical home or business. Tall ceilings and openness between the main living areas creates a space that is perfect for entertaining or just spending time with everyone in the family in the same place. Plus, this makes your home look larger because you are reducing the barriers that confine each room.

Install Exposed Beams. As mentioned before, many of these homes have tall ceilings that are vaulted with exposed wooden beams. In more modern tropical style homes, they use these exposed wooden beams on high but flat ceilings. This will still draw your eyes upward to their simple elegance. These beams bring the outdoors in, creating a serene and calm feel. They add depth and detail to your home while making the room look more spacious and grand.

Windows, Windows, Windows. Lots of light pouring into the homes is what you want if you are trying to create a home with a tropical style. Large windows allow the sunlight to brighten up the room while giving off comfortable and energizing warmth. A modern tropical look is very simple style windows. Just use a basic rectangle shape with no frills, all in order to draw your attention to the view of the outdoors. Plus, when paired with an open concept layout, the light from the windows flows through more than just the one room.

Install Hard Flooring. Hard floors throughout the home are often seen in tropical style homes. This could be a mixture of tile, marble, and hardwood flooring. The use of accent and area rugs are heavily seen throughout the home to add that comfort and design. The use of hard flooring, particularly wood flooring, brings in more nature, the look that these tropical homes try to portray.

Incorporating natural elements into a tropical design, such as a natural pool, is an integral part of the overall style of the home. In addition, by removing barriers between the kitchen, living room, and other public areas, the house will seem larger. By taking advantage of the natural light through use of large windows, your whole home will benefit. By incorporating into your home elements that you enjoyed of the tropical architecture from your vacation, you can really bring about a sense of peace and relaxation away from the tropics.