Our Process.


Creating your dream begins with you. Your vision for your home is our guide.  When we begin, we meet with you and discuss your desires, lifestyle and what inspires you.


Every Erotas home is custom designed to match your vision. That means having a team of professionals that understand your tastes and style. Our welcoming approach to collaboration encourages you to seek out the best talent for your project. When creative architects and interior designers join forces with Erotas, you save time and money. If you haven’t selected an architect and/or interior designer for your project, Erotas can assist you in connecting with our professional and talented design partners who will work effectively to see your vision through.

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With the team listening to your vision, you begin to see your dreams come to life. Architectural ideas, structural elements, design materials and color all begin creating your living environment. Bringing the latest materials, energy efficiencies, and technologies will allow us to develop pricing within your budget.

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We build and remodel homes that are completely unique. Partnering with the best subcontractors, we focus intently on craftsmanship, quality and communication. We pride ourselves on keeping you informed of decisions needed, pricing, timing, changes and processes. Our experienced personnel are all checking daily to make sure every detail is done to perfection. Our project coordinator keeps you informed of the materials, colors, schedules and other miscellaneous items that enhance the appeal of your home.

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With construction completed, we thoroughly examine your home to ensure that the finished project will fully exceed your expectations. It’s our goal to finish every project with the full confidence that our clients have never been more excited to move into a new space. We are with you long after the keys are turned over.

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