Tips for Succesful Home Downsizing

October 28, 2021

Living in a large house is something many homeowners dreams of. But oftentimes the effort to maintain a large house can be a burden. This is especially the case for families whose kids have moved out. Moving to a smaller home can sound like a fun idea, but there are many steps involved in the downsizing process. Here are three tips to follow to ensure your downsizing goes smoothly.

Take an Accurate Inventory of Your Belongings

When you downsize to a smaller house, you are not going to have enough space to hold all of the belongings you have accumulated throughout the years. Make sure you make a list of all of your belongings.

Sort Your Items

After taking inventory, you can begin to sort everything out. Make sure you set your necessities from your aspirational items. If you find something you have not used in years, it’s time to say goodbye. As you sort through your belongings, make sure they’re set up in an organized fashion. Make separate piles for “keep” or “get rid of”.

Measure Your Furniture

One of the biggest challenges of downsizing is that many times, your furniture may be too large for a smaller space. Living room sets, dining tables, and chairs, and even beds, may be too large for your smaller space. Unless you are planning on completely getting new furniture, you should measure your current furniture and see if it would match your new downsized home. Avoid buying any new items or furniture as well, until you are in your new home.

Downsizing is a journey that many families decide to do in their later years. Building a custom home doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a giant fantasy home, you can build a custom home that fits your downsizing needs as well! Consider these suggestions to help prepare your move into your new, smaller home!