What Makes a Home Luxurious?

March 12, 2020

If you’re considering moving or building a new, custom home, you might have also come across the term “luxury home”. But maybe you’ve thought what “luxury truly means. Is it the price, square foot, location? Or is there a special feature that most homes don’t have? The answer truly is a combination of all of them.

While giving luxury a strict definition can be difficult, there are some features that every luxury home has in common. Here’s some qualities you will find in a luxury home.

The Home Has a Price High for the Area

While upscale neighborhoods may contain nice homes, they are typically homogenized. A million-dollar home in a nice neighborhood might not technically be a luxury home, however, a home on a lake with the same amenities, would be considered much more luxurious. Luxury doesn’t necessarily have to mean million-dollar homes, as it is completely relative to the area.

The House Has Prime Location

For a home to be considered luxurious, it doesn’t matter what city, state, or country it is in. Rather, the importance is the surrounding environment. Luxury homes are typically in a coveted spot, whether it is beach front, overlooking the city, or on a mountain.

It Is High-quality

Luxury and custom homes will always be constructed with top-notch quality. Of course, the designs are up to the discretion and vision of the homeowner or interior designer, however, they typically will not opt in for standard appliances, finishes, or materials. Some of the more common materials used in custom luxury homes are hardwood floors, crystal, marbles, and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances.

There are Unique Amenities

Luxury homes typically have amenities most standard homes don’t have. Indoor movie theaters, arcades, pools, or any customized hobby room can really set a luxury home apart from other homes.

Luxury Homes Offer More Privacy

Privacy is a premium feature of luxury homes. High walls or fences lining the yard are common in luxury homes, but working with the landscape and planting foliage can do wonders for privacy. Think of the extreme privacy celebrities have, aside from security guards. Protecting your home makes it feel much more like a refuge, which only adds to the luxurious status.

The way we describe luxury is technically in the eye of the beholder. However, these are some common features most luxury homes share. If you’re interested in living in a custom-built luxurious home, don’t hesitate to contact our team!