3 Décor Tips for Your Fireplace

March 16, 2015

A fireplace is one of the most well loved places in any living room. It is used as a focal point; to draw you in and make you feel comfortable. Using this idea in your interior design concept will help the room all come together. The question that is often asked is “What do I do with the space above my fireplace?” The fireplace mantel can be used to make a statement, and keep you warm a cozy.

As a living room is a gathering place to relax and hangout, you want the atmosphere to be inviting and comfortable. Paying special attention to the accents you use around your fireplace will help give you an inviting vibe throughout the room.

Think Big. Using a large mirror, photograph or painting to rest on your mantel or hanging it above will really draw your eyes to the fireplace. These large hangings make for a dramatic scene, causing your ceiling to look larger and your space bigger.

When selecting a mirror, choose one with a nice frame that will match the décor style that you are going for. The frame is what can make or break the look. If you want to use a large photograph, it might be fun to use a picture that you have taken yourself, or one that has special meaning to you. This makes your décor uniquely yours.

Accessorize. Not only is adding a large mirror or picture a great idea, but you may also want to do some accessorizing along side your frame. Using items such as books, vases, candles and other decorative knickknacks will make your fireplace more inviting and give it a cozy, put together feel. Everything that you used to accessorize your fireplace, allow it to compliment one another and the room as a whole. Since your fireplace is the focal point of the living room, you want to make sure that each detail reflects the interior design style that you want for your room.

Keep it Symmetrical. Whatever accessories you choose to decorate the top of your mantle with, the number one rule is symmetry. This doesn’t mean that you need to have the same items on each end of the mantle. It just means that you need to have balance. You don’t want one side of the mantle to look “heavier” then the other. For example, if you have one larger vase on one end, you will need to match the other side with a similar sized decoration.

When all is said and done, you should have a well-decorated fireplace mantel. One that draws you in it makes you want to spend time in the living room. Giving off the vibe that the room is comfortable, cozy and well put together. With so many different ways to incorporate mirrors, pictures and accessories into your mantle decoration, you are sure to find a way that will fit you and your home best.

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