3 Reasons to Build a New Home

March 26, 2015

In today’s market, home buyers have a choice of only two types of houses on the market, either re-sale or new. If you are planning to buy a new home or condo, you will most likely be checking out the energy efficiency, layout, warranty, along with the selection of appliances, including flooring, paint and the many other obvious factors that drive your big decision.

But hold on. That’s not all! We say that many buyers are sometimes drawn to a new house for reasons that are not obvious.

Here is list of four not-so-obvious benefits of a brand new home that you may not have discovered in the details.

The Entertainment Factor. If you are planning to throw any sort of party in an older home, you are going to find how challenging it is to entertain your guests due to the smaller, and more separate rooms. In this day and age, brand new homes feature more open rooms and spaces, allowing for better overall flow. While you prepare food or drinks, you will be able to talk with guests, having enjoyable conversation without yelling or feeling cut off from the party. Higher ceilings and the addition of more windows will enhance the overall spaciousness, bringing in more sunlight and fresh air.

Starting Fresh. There are not many feelings that outrank the feeling of starting fresh. Driving your car into an untouched garage or preparing your first meal in a new kitchen are major factors that will deliver more happiness than purchasing an old home. Plus, no one on this earth actually wants to spend time stripping aged wallpaper or painting over stained walls.

Community Building. If not you, someone is bound to have a pool!
Along with a brand new home comes a brand new community. New communities are one of the additional and not-so-obvious benefits of purchasing new homes. When families move into a neighborhood at similar times, everlasting bonds of friendship are born, which comes with many perks. Additionally, you won’t even have to deal with that ‘new guy’ label.

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