Exploring the Most Popular Home Styles in Minnesota

May 1, 2023


Home styles can reflect much about the area’s culture and the homeowners’ tastes. Minnesota, known for its diverse landscape, is also home to various architectural styles. From craftsman to colonial, contemporary to traditional, Minnesota has it all. In this blog, we will explore Minnesota’s most popular types of homes, their unique features, and what makes them so loved.


Craftsman Homes: Craftsman-style homes are among Minnesota’s most popular home styles. These homes feature a low-pitched roofline, a large front porch, and exposed beams. Craftsman homes typically feature built-in cabinets, shelves, and detailed woodwork, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Colonial Homes: Originating from the East Coast, Colonial-style homes have made their way to Minnesota and are now one of the most beloved home styles. These homes are known for their symmetrical design, featuring two to three stories with a front door that opens into a central hallway. In addition, the traditional Georgian colonial style is often seen in Minnesota, featuring brick exteriors and white pillars.

Contemporary Homes: The sleek and modern lines of contemporary homes have made them popular in Minnesota. Characteristics of contemporary homes include straight rooflines, expansive windows, and a minimalist approach to design. In addition, these homes often use materials like steel and concrete and feature an open floor plan.

Traditional Homes: Traditional homes are another beloved style amongst Minnesota homeowners. These homes feature a symmetrical façade with a central front door and evenly-spaced windows. In addition, traditional homes may be decorated with ornate details such as crown molding, bay windows, or window surrounds.

Ranch Homes: Ranch-style homes have become increasingly popular in Minnesota, particularly for those who prefer single-story living. These homes typically feature low-pitched roofs, an attached garage, and an open floor plan. Ranch-style homes also typically have a large backyard, making them an excellent choice for families.

Whether you prefer an elegant colonial, a cozy craftsman, a modern contemporary, a charming traditional home, or a single-story ranch-style home, Minnesota offers plenty of choices. With its varied terrain and rich history, this state has evolved a unique architectural landscape. The little details make each of these homes unique, and architecture is an essential source of identity for Minnesota. We hope this blog has helped you appreciate the richness and variety of home designs in Minnesota.