8 Fantastic Reasons to Start Calling Minnesota Home

December 3, 2019

Beautiful Minnesota is more than a land with 10,000 lakes to explore. It is a state that is filled with wonderful outdoor adventures. There are numerous cultures to explore. You can find a small-town atmosphere to love or the freedom of living in the big city.

Calling Minnesota home means you’re moving to a state that offers its residents plenty of advantages. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect if you decide to move to the Gopher State.

Benefits of Moving to Minnesota

#1. It is affordable

The cost of living in Minnesota is extremely competitive. Although PayScale rates the cost of living in Minneapolis to be 5 percent higher than the national U.S. average, there are places in the state that are below the national average. In Faribault County, for example, the cost of living is about 10 percent under the national average.

#2. It embraces new cultures.

The people of Minnesota are one of the state’s greatest benefits. You will find a wide variety of cultures and demographics waiting to embrace your arrival. You will find a growing social scene for Millennials, thriving retirement communities, and neighborhoods where you will feel safe raising your kids. If you’re single, you can find a great apartment, condo, or home that puts you right where you want to be.

#3. It offers great outdoor adventures.

There are almost 12,000 lakes in Minnesota that are 10 acres in size or greater. In the summer, when it gets warm, you will have access to more shoreline than you would find in the State of California. You can float along gentle waves in your boat. You can break out your fishing gear for a day of relaxing. Go take a hike. Go mountain biking. You will never run out of outdoor adventures when you move here.

#4. It celebrates each community.

One of the best Midwestern traditions is on full display in Minnesota throughout the year. You will find numerous festivals in communities large and small being celebrated throughout the year. The 10 best festivals in Minnesota include the May Day Parade in Minneapolis, the Bayfront Blues Festival in Duluth, and Lumberjack Days in Stillwater. You will find county fairs, car shows, and other local celebrations to enjoy throughout the state each year as well.

#5. It is environmentally friendly.

Some of the greenest and cleanest cities in the United States are found in Minnesota. Rochester was named as one of the 10 cities in the U.S. with the cleanest air by Thrillist. The American Lung Association named Onalaska as one of the cleanest cities for ozone and short-term particle pollution. Forbes named Minneapolis as the healthiest city in the United States. You will find that sustainable practices are just a way of life when you call this state your home.

#6. It is charming.

You will find plenty of fun small towns to explore if you decide to move to Minnesota. Excelsior gives you access to Lake Minnetonka and offers an upscale downtown are to explore with wonderful boutiques and galleries. Stillwater faces Wisconsin and offers stunning views along the St. Croix River. Henderson takes you through a tour of 19th century life in the state. In Red Wing, you will find plenty of flowers and gardens as you stroll along the Mississippi. Or you could choose Grand Rapids and its coffee culture.

There really is something for everyone when you choose Minnesota.

#7. It offers a thriving economy.

Moving to Minnesota does more than save you some money. You can find a good job in the state as well. Numerous surveys and polls rank Minnesota as a top atmosphere for its entrepreneurial atmosphere. In 2015, Gallup named the state as the top place for job creation in the United States. About two-dozen Fortune 500 companies have a presence in the state’s economy.

#8. It is flavorful.

You will find more than simple rustic fare offered in Minnesota if you love to explore the culinary arts. In Minnesota, there is a growing fine dining culture. You will find a growing craft beer culture to explore. Artisan ice cream and gelato is a popular treat during the summer months. Fresh cheese cards are always a good snack option too.

Minnesota might be cold in the winter sometimes, but that shouldn’t persuade you to look elsewhere. With outdoor delights, charming small towns, and a thriving culture that invites everyone to find their own place, this state offers the advantages that will help you to create a warm and loving home.

Come and see how Minnesota could change your life today!