Why Curb Appeal is Crucial for your Custom Home

September 16, 2020

Building a custom home requires a mountain of effort when it comes to choosing the right details. From tile selections to cabinet choices, you’ve your interior covered. But what about how your home looks to the outside world? Many times, eager homeowners who want to build a custom home neglect the importance of curb appeal.

You want your home to stand out. While the inside can prove just how unique and beautiful your home is, how are people who haven’t stepped foot inside going to remember it? When someone asks about your home, they’re not going to know anything about the interior. Rather, their first impression will be based on its curb appeal. If you want to impress people with your custom home, you need to take its curb appeal seriously. Here are some tips on creating a mesmerizing and memorable curb appeal.

Consider your home’s style
The first thing you need to do is to define the characteristics of your home. Is it symmetrical like a contemporary home, or does it pay homage to more traditional styles, like saltbox or farm homes? Start thinking of these questions before you begin to design your exterior and landscaping, because the answers to these questions will drive your curb appeal.

Choose a substantial front door
One of the best ways to add a bit of personality to your home is by installing a custom front door. Whether it has stained glass windows, or painted a bold and unconventional color, your front door plays an important role in evaluating your curb appeal

Don’t forget about landscaping
While finalizing the design of your house is ultimately the number goal, one of the biggest factors in boosting your curb appeal is by a properly executed landscape. Planting flowers and plants around your home are fantastic ideas. Placing annuals in the front of the home can add a pop of color. Do your research on what would grow best in the area you live in before you implement a landscape design.

Don’t be afraid of color
One of them best ways to add visual interest is to introduce additional colors to the exterior of your home. But you should be careful with the colors you choose and where to implement them. As stated before, the door can be a great step in adding a burst of a color. Try to keep the color choices at a minimum, however. You want to keep your house looking classic, not trendy.

Decorate with the seasons
Maybe you don’t want to put the effort in adding more color just yet, and that’s okay! Vibrant colors aren’t for everyone, and some designs are permanent. Not everyone wants to have the most flashy and unique home, but a way that you can incorporate a “wow” factor is by implementing seasonal decorations.